Monday, 16 May 2011

Asian chubs

Well, if you've to ask me which ethic group of chubs I'd prefer, I would have answer Asian chubs, and the oriental type too. I just have a preference over asian chubs as they look much cuter but although smaller body size. Yeah I know caucasian chubs are way much bigger and sexier, sometimes I would have prefer caucasian type but most of the times my preference is for asian. And as well as the fact that Sumo are Asian too, you don't have to ask me how sexy they are. The definition of cute and sexy asian chubs? See below.

Guess thats really explain why chubs float in the swimming pool. Anyway, this asian chub is round and sexy. Almost looked naked here, he should have gone to the pool naked as his belly should have covered his private part.

Saw this Chinese movie during my younger years, that was the time I started to like chubs and this movie "aggravate" my preference to chubs even more. This chub is damn sexy, this picture kinda devalued him but if you are able to watch this movie with this chub in action, you'll know what I mean if your cock got harden.;-p

Sexy post with cum without much explanation, guess he just finished his session. And he got slight-goatee and moustache which makes him even sexier, but too bad couldn't see more pictures of him though.

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