Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Superchubs, flabby, round and sexy

Superchubs are sexy. Whats the definition of superchubs? Well, it was easy to define one; superchub is bigger than a chub,usually from the range of 150kg above. Asian superchubs are rare, as asian size are smaller. An asian superchub might be perceived as one in Asia but just a normal chub size in caucasian countries.

Personally, I like superchubs during my younger years, the bigger the better, but when I grow older, I prefer chubs with firmer body. Maybe because it was much easier on bed? Anyway, here are some superchub pictures.


  1. hi sexy chubs where r u all? so nice and v sexy

  2. who is last man? wish u meet me in real? or send me Ur yahoo id, thx