Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some sexy professional Sumo

Well, these sumos are not really "professional" like what those in Japan are. They are basically part time Sumo which participate in some local and international competition held across the world. One thing these sumo and Japanese sumo have in common - they are big, cute, huggable and sexy. If you havent seen them before, please browse to the pictures below. Enjoy :)

His name? Dan Kalbfleisch, he is the main actor in Sumo Joe; a sumo movie which all chub lovers should watch. He is not that big but he is very cute. Having won 5 Sumo Championship consecutively from 2007 to 2011. One disheartening fact is that he slimmed down to stocky level now :(

This bearded (well, he got clean shave recently on the top two pictures) chubby bear make all chubbies proud by being the fattest person to complete a marathon at 400pounds. Try google Kelly Gneiting and you know what I mean, all results you get is about him completing marathon at 400pounds. And even get into the Guiness book of records. Apart from being a runner, he is a professional Sumo and won some championship before Dan Kalbfleisch(top) comes in.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Black chub; sexy chocolate

As I have mentioned previously, I don't really care of skin color, my priority is a chub's cuteness. Since I never posted any black sexy chubby bears here before, let this post be the first one.

Auditioning for plus size model maybe? Well, not really my type but kinda sexy for some superchubs lover.

His dick is small, obviously in the soften state. God knows how big is it when this big sexy black chub's cock swelled to the max?

Well, now you know what I mentioned on top? Although the chub here and the chub on top there isn't the same person, but you get the rough idea how big his cock could have be. Anyway, this chub is sexy to the max, perfect maybe; big 6inch long thick hard cock + sexy chub body + cute. For anyone like to be fucked by a chub with big cock, this one guarantee to give maximum pain + joy. Well, count me in :) Many a times this picture aroused me and keep dreaming dirty dream with this chub. His huge thick cock is a plus+plus+plus. I give this picture a 10/10.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Superchubs part 2

In case you have missed the previous Superchub section, you may go here and have a look.

This superchub came from the South American descendant. Pretty cute, and his nipple is very big and drooling. Thinking of doing "that" on him already.

Hmm, why a sumo in this category? Well he isn't gay, but he is a sexy superchub. Name? Akebono. And qualifies to be in my blog and this category.

Double rows of belly is kinda turn off, but this charming cute looks he got melts my heart instantly. I love this superchub much.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Pictures of chubs and bears with big cock

Chubs have smaller cocks. Well, not really. The reason you seeing chubs having smaller cock is because of the mountain of flesh concealed the very precious part. But there are some cases where some chubs did have a relative smaller cock; short and tiny. I have met one with such size, but he is so cute, sexy and adorable, one of my top 5 chubs so I don't really mind.

There are many cases where chubs have their cock grew to a size where even fitter guys wouldn't even comparable to. Here are some of the chubs with big cock.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Random big sexy chubby bear pictures, part 2

I love to share my chubby and bears collection. Sometimes I just don't know how to categories these sexy chub pictures in my blog. So, for all these pictures, I'll put under random chub pictures sextion section. Browse to the pictures below to enjoy. :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thick muscular chubbies and bears : Big Hoss

Some chub admirers don't really like "fit" chub, muscular but chub type, well you know when muscles added to the fat, you get the idea. I'm a huge fan of muscular chubs, the thicker the better and so far I haven't got any encounter with one, :( . These are just the pictures I can sit back and admire. And for today's topic, i'm gonna start with Big Hoss, a big muscular chub.

He claims himself to be the world's strongest wrestler.

I..couldn't...say...much...about..this photo. So sexy! Bald head is a big plus, and I haven't started about his strong muscular chub body.

A more close up photo showing the side of this big muscular chub.

There are certainly no reason for not liking him. he reminds me of Butterbean
. But if you ever ask me to choose between Big Hoss or Butterbean, I definitely go for Big Hoss. :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Superchubs, flabby, round and sexy

Superchubs are sexy. Whats the definition of superchubs? Well, it was easy to define one; superchub is bigger than a chub,usually from the range of 150kg above. Asian superchubs are rare, as asian size are smaller. An asian superchub might be perceived as one in Asia but just a normal chub size in caucasian countries.

Personally, I like superchubs during my younger years, the bigger the better, but when I grow older, I prefer chubs with firmer body. Maybe because it was much easier on bed? Anyway, here are some superchub pictures.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Asian chubs

Well, if you've to ask me which ethic group of chubs I'd prefer, I would have answer Asian chubs, and the oriental type too. I just have a preference over asian chubs as they look much cuter but although smaller body size. Yeah I know caucasian chubs are way much bigger and sexier, sometimes I would have prefer caucasian type but most of the times my preference is for asian. And as well as the fact that Sumo are Asian too, you don't have to ask me how sexy they are. The definition of cute and sexy asian chubs? See below.

Guess thats really explain why chubs float in the swimming pool. Anyway, this asian chub is round and sexy. Almost looked naked here, he should have gone to the pool naked as his belly should have covered his private part.

Saw this Chinese movie during my younger years, that was the time I started to like chubs and this movie "aggravate" my preference to chubs even more. This chub is damn sexy, this picture kinda devalued him but if you are able to watch this movie with this chub in action, you'll know what I mean if your cock got harden.;-p

Sexy post with cum without much explanation, guess he just finished his session. And he got slight-goatee and moustache which makes him even sexier, but too bad couldn't see more pictures of him though.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

What is bear?

I have been in this community for over 6years, sometimes the definition of "bear" is still vague from my understanding. Based on what I know thus far, a bear is a guy with some body hair and some goatee and beard. The body size of a bear can range from muscular to chub size. Well, muscular type is definitely out of my liking. I like chub and here are some chubby bear pictures from my collections.

Big chub + baby face look + bearish.

This hot chubby bear hugged by another bear, probably his lover? His harden nipple did shows the signs of it. Incredibly sexy picture.

The same chubby bear posting some sexy post. I suggest him to do more photo shooting, probably with a full naked ones too.

Sumo wrestler, who doesn't like them?

One word synonymous with chubby chaser and bears community is Sumo. Whether you are a chub for chub, chaser or simply an admirer, you'll love them. They are big, well trained and not-so-flabby. Underneath the huge fats and flesh are muscles. Even the 600pound Sumo wrestler Konishiki is able to walk around and does his activities healthily, that includes sex of course. They trained heavily, if you're lucky to bump into one real sumo and hooked up with him, you're lucky as you are guaranteed to be satisfied the whole night. Don't complain if he is the top and he fucks you 2hours non stop without getting tired.

Takamiyama, this is one hell of a cute Sumo from Hawaii. He is the mentor to the massive 600pound Konishiki. His stats? 1.90m 204pounds. He is bigger definitely during his Sumo days. Even at the age of 67 now, he is still cute. And I wouldn't mind spending a night with him.

This is the 600pound Sumo Wrestler Konishiki. Sexy and I have forgot the countless times his Sumo pictures aroused me. One question remains in my mind, how does he make love? He is so big with all his flesh covers his private part, which makes that real hard to do intercourse. Even if he wanna be a bottom (but he is straight), you'll need a 10inch cock to do insertion to his ass via doggy. His heavy legs make it near impossible to do mercenary style. Sorry, I got dirty just by thinking of this hot sumo. Anyway, not all chubby chasers love him as he is simply too big. If you like superchubs, you definitely with me.

I have blogged about Musashimaru here. This sumo is one undeniably sexy chub. This photo from this side angle makes him even sexier, and you can see his harden nipples. Waiting to be sucked and bitten perhaps? I can't find a reason fat admirers, chubby chasers wouldn't fall for this sexy sumo chub. More pictures of Musashimaru in the upcoming post.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Morning guys

My personal message to all chubby,bears and admirers, happy weekend. Whats better than spending the weekend with these muscular chubs? ^.^ Enjoy...!

This chubby bear name is Teilatuli, not really famous though. A fighter from UFC, he is really sexy, bald head makes that perfect. I haven't really personally met a bald chubby before :(

This chub is from Malaysia. Well, not really a muscular type. But he is strong, big arms, broad shoulder, and big tummy. Yes he is well rounded. Those are signs that makes me think that he got big cock! I could be wrong sometimes.

Another bald sexy chubby bear "athlete" (can you really call them athlete?). He is a professional boxer, and his name? Famously known as Butterbean and his real name is Eric Esch. He is married, thats too bad. Well, maybe i do really like bald chubby and bears. I found them to be extra sexy compared to another with the similiar body size and looks. Am I alone? Tell me.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Random chub and bear pictures

There are just so many chubby pictures in my archieve, run out of idea to upload which. Kinda lame eh? Just started this chub blog 4days ago. Well, that's okay if you like these sexy cute chubs here.

I got one request to that smaller sumo, just pull off the damn mawashi out from this big sumo chub!

This big daddy chub reminds me of a chub in a porn video, where he was being fucked and sucked (till cums) hard. The title of the video is called "Santa thumppa..." something like that, not sure though.

One sexy big chub indeed! Wish to wash his body instead of doing himself :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Late night chub pictures, well you know what you should do now.

It's 12am here now. I usually spent the same time almost everyday looking for cute bears and chubbies pictures. Since I started this blog, I'm going to do the opposite. Here some for you all to enjoy some real fully naked sexy chubbies. And you know what you should do after browsing these chubbies and feeling kinda "needy".

Sexiest chubby bear ever! Starred in some of the BigBearSex adult movies. He is a good fucker and as well as a bottom too. The best part? He got style when shooting his huge load of cum, yummy!

Got this picture from Xtube actually. This sexy chub is a straight guy and he never showed his face picture, too bad. But anyway, he got a hard cock and he shoots huge cum! See his action in Xtube.

Got from a chinese chubby chaser forum called BBTummy years ago, but was closed down without any reasons. Possibly from the authorities? Anyway, this Japanese chub is HOT! I rate him as one of the most handsome porn chub thus far. And, he is a bottom. :)

Yeah! This is what you should do if you like chubbies and you like the pictures here. What you waiting for? Make it cum out, now!

Some of my chubby collections

Oriental chub, very cute and huggable, not much info other than these :(

Incredibly sexy and cute chub sleeping @ bathtub. Ready to get naughty.

This is a chub4chub from the USA. Won Chub of the year in Biggercity
years ago.

Tatooed chub

Tatooed, red bull, sun glasses, jeans and HOT. One of my favourite chub photos found online. Too bad, couldn;t find much information about this hot chub. Would like to date him someday though.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Couldn't sleep, more chubby pictures here

One of the best chub chest/breast + double chin!

Hmm, not really my cup of tea, but this chubby bear picture is one of the highest rated by chubby chasers.

Tied up and horny, this chub is just waiting for you! What you waiting for?